Breather Jig

Full Deck Crimp

Breather Jig

So, what is a Breather Jig?…

A playing card gaffing device which allows the user to make a Breather Deck.

What's a Breather Deck?…

A one-way deck made entirely of cards gaffed with an offset breather crimp.

Breather crimp?…

An almost invisible shallow bump embossed on the surface of a card.

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Full Deck Crimp

Using the Breather Jig is easy!

Simply place a poker size playing card face-up between the Upper & Base Plates aligning the sides of the card with the sides of Base Plate and the inserted end of the card is lying along the internal Mylar Fence. With the jig in your hands, press down with both thumbs on the jig Lever until it is stopped by the Depth Stop contacting the top of the Upper Plate.

Count to three,release the Lever and remove the playing card. This results in a Breather Crimp towards one end of the playing card.

Adjustable Depth Stop

Almost invisible

Look closely! A shallow bump or bulge can be seen towards one end of the card. That's an offset breather crimp! This is an internal crimp so the card edges are not affected.(Remember you can adjust the strength of the breather)

Each card, with a breather crimp towards one end, nests one on top of each other. Any card turned end to end in the deck will form a small break, allowing the magi to cut to it, or, because there is now less friction, to simply give the deck a sharp tap, causing the deck to separate at the desired card or cards.

Secret Control

Before and after a single card is reversed in the deck.

Compact Size

Breather Deck Demo

This quick video demonstrates the Breather Deck.

Each one of these cards has a Breather crimp towards one end.

ANY card turned end to end can be controlled.

View the User Guide online for more details and other settings, by clicking the button below. Or download the guides here.

Computer-aided Design

CAD was used to create the Breather Jig. Laser cut components, finished with machined edges ensuring accuracy and alignment. Constructed from stainless steel with a mylar fence and a polyurethane rubber 'crimper'.

Designed symmetrically, whether you're left or right handed, isn't an issue.

Made in Ireland - An Irish jig

Breather Jig

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