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Breather Punch

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Breather Punch

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Breather Punch

A Breather Punch, is a card marking device, that is used to create a small breather crimp onto the surface of a playing card, allowing the initiate to use the small break the breather crimp creates to control cards.

For the first time, the Breather Punch provides the unique ability to place a small breather crimp anywhere on the cards surface opening up many creative possibilities.
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Full Depth Control

Total control of the size & depth of the Breather Crimp is easy to achieve with the knurled screw and locking nut. No tools needed. The position of the breather is indicated with an inlaid brass dot on the top arm of the punch. A solid rubber base cushions & supports the breather as its made helping produce a gently formed breather crimp.

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Back Stop & Side Fence

The back stop can slide along the main body of the punch, and be locked in any position using the thumb screw. It remains independent of the punches “up and down” arm movement when creating a breather. Used in conjunction with the adjustable sprung side-fence, they determine the position of the breather on the card.

Near Invisible Crimp

The traditional position for a breather is in the middle of the card. The introduction of the Breather Jig allowed the user to off set the position of the breather. Now using the Breather Punch it is possible to place a smaller breather anywhere on the surface of the card.

Folds for Travel

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Breather Punch Video

Check out a comparison video for the Breather Punch, Blunt Punch & Pinpoint Pegger.

I've created a password Protected Area where you can watch how to use the Breather Punch.

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Computer-aided Design

Computer-aided design was used to create and optimise the Breather Punch. Designed with laser cut components & finished by hand. From the spring to the screws… everything is stainless steel or brass construction.

Designed symmetrically, with a reversible side fence, the Breather Punch can be used in either hand.

Clipped card

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Breather Punch

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