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Card Splitting Made Easy


So, what is a Snaker?…

Split playing cards are essential in the making of special types of gaffs. The Snaker is a simple playing card gaffing device which allows the user to 'work in' or soften a playing card in preparation for splitting.
Made from flexible stainless steel rods which are permanently fixed at each end by a heavy duty aluminium crimp fixing. The rods are separated by shim steel spacers which allow playing cards to pass between them. Covered with vinyl rubber end caps for comfort.

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Prepare Cards like a Pro!

Using a Snaker is easy!

Insert a playing card between the rods & pull with a twisting action. Repeat in the opposite direction. Repeat.

This prepares the card for splitting without damage to the cards surface.

Ever hit a bank of cards that refuse to split? - not any more with a Snaker!

Extreme card workout!

Snaker Demo

This is a quick video demonstrates the Snaker.

I've created a password Protected Area where you can watch video instruction on how to use the Snaker alongside the Corner Splitter Jig & Card Splitter Jig.

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