Stripper Jig

Card Trimmer

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Stripper Jig

A jig is a tool which is used to control the motion of another tool.
A Stripper Jig holds a playing card, and allows the user to guide a razor blade along it's edge, shaving a whisker off the card.

Adjustable settings control the playing card's location, enabling a variable depth of cut. Angled or straight cuts can produce a variety of gaffed cards/decks. The Stripper Jig holds Poker or Bridge size cards in either portrait or landscape position.

So, what can this single little jig cut?
Taper side, taper end, concave side, concave end, belly side, belly end, short, narrow, poker or bridge…you get the picture.
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Shaved Deck

Two stainless steel plates permanently fixed together with a gap between them a little larger than the thickness of a playing card, create the cutline.
Along this cutline, an inexpensive razor blade is used to cut a “whisker” off the cards.
In these close-ups, you can see that the depth of cut being removed is less than the thickness of the playing card itself, and tapers to nothing.
Resulting in clean cut cards.

Two Stainless Steel Plates

Consistancy of Cut

This is a “just cut” deck, assembled straight from the jig. The consistency of the cut is evident, a few strokes of a diamond whetstone will round the corner.

Fully adjustable Stops

Fully adjustable stops, alignment marks and a notched gauge control the positioning of any playing card placed into the jig, landscape or portrait.
With the card caged between the plates and stops, all that is needed to immobilise the card entirely is a brief clamping action provided by a finger and thumb.
Once cut, the thumb simply, and quickly, kicks the card out of the jig. Ready for the next.

Stainless Steel & Brass

Stripper Jig in Use

This video uses a poker size card in a landscape position to produce a taper along one long edge of the card.
Shim material is used to determine the depth of cut, in this example, playing cards are used as the shim, but anything thin can be used.
The depth of cut is determined by measuring directly off shim material set under the jig.

View the User Guide online for more details and other settings, by clicking the button below. Or download the guides here.

Computer-aided Design

Computer-aided design was used to create and optimise the Stripper Jig. Designed to have laser cut components and finished with machined edges ensuring accuracy and alignment. From the springs to the screws, everything is either stainless steel or brass construction.

Designed symmetrically, the jig can be used in either hand.

Made in Ireland - An Irish jig

Stripper Jig

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Kevin Reylek
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Ben Pervier
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Daniel Madison
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Stephane Lacasse
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Jeremy Hanrahan- Card Gaffer